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Homestead Lot Design Package

Homestead Lot Design Package

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Welcome to Modern Homestead's Homestead Design Packages – Your Blueprint to a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle!

Choose the perfect package tailored to your homestead size and needs:

  1. Standard Lot (Up to 1/2 Acre): Ideal for smaller properties, this package ensures you get the most out of every inch.

  2. Estate Lot (1-2 Acres): Perfect for larger properties, this comprehensive package covers every aspect of your expansive homestead.

  3. Large Lot (1/2-1 Acre): For those with a bit more space, this package maximizes your homestead's potential.

Each Design Package Includes:

  • Initial Design Consultation: A 60-minute session with a Certified Permaculture Designer to understand your goals and vision.

  • Homestead Design Narrative: A detailed guide offering insights into installation and care, ensuring your homestead thrives.

  • Full Color Scaled Plan: A detailed map of your design area showcasing the layout of elements.

  • Plant List: A comprehensive list of recommended plants with descriptions of their functions.

  • Hardscape Materials and Bulk Material Quantities: Clear guidance on materials needed, including compost and mulch.

  • Draft Review with 1 Round of Revisions: A collaborative process to fine-tune the design according to your preferences.

  • Final Design Presentation (Recorded): A recorded presentation unveiling your complete homestead design.

Overview of Design Packages:

  1. Front Yard Package: Elevate your curb appeal with beautiful, low-maintenance, edible landscaping. This package yields beauty, food, and medicine while contributing to your land's well-being and local ecosystem health.

  2. Back Yard Package: Create inviting outdoor living spaces with low-maintenance edible landscaping, animal integrations, and productive food security systems.

  3. Full Property Package: Take control of your food, water, and energy supply. This comprehensive plan addresses your entire homestead, providing a clear path toward a regenerative and self-sufficient lifestyle. It includes recommendations for additional structures and suggestions to enhance existing ones.

  4. *Custom Design Packages. If you have a community or commercial space, your property exceeds 2 acres, you'd like indoor food security systems, or your project requires a different approach, we offer custom packages for projects with unique needs. Click here to get a quote and set out on your tailored journey to a self-sufficient, thriving property!

Choose the package that aligns with your vision and start your journey to a self-sufficient, thriving homestead today!

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